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Our Portfolio


CLIX is a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform that serves the unbanked youth population by providing a unique social interactive experience through features like groups collection and payment splitting.

COMPAREHA is a user-friendly online marketplace that consolidates banking, financing, and insurance products, aiming to simplify the process of shopping for financial products.


ELGAMEYA is a mobile application, based on the Online ROSCA model (Rotating and Savings Credit Association) that enabled the offline users of the ROSCA model to organize their cycles and transfer their money securely without consuming time and effort.

ELZATONA is a cloud-based retail management system. The main system features include stock management, sales tracking, purchases tracking and offering operational insights. The platform exists to increase the business operations efficiency and allow shop owners make insightful decisions.


FAWATERAK provides a hassle-free payment collection and invoicing solutions for a multitude of business functions like small merchants, freelancers and small businesses.

NEQABTY is a mobile app aims to bridge the gap between the syndicates and their members through an accessible platform from anywhere at anytime. These services include (but are not limited to) payment of service cost, medical services and booking appointments and trips.


With a mission to bring Egypt's charities to the digital age, NETSAHEM is a fundraising platform dedicated exclusively to charitable giving. NETSAHER will provide the online existing along with innovation payment methods for the majority of the offline NGOs in Egypt (26K NGOs)

Ocra is a micropayment mobile wallet for microbus drivers and public transport users.


SEVENtail targets local merchants, the unorganized portion of Egypt's retail industry.
SEVENtail is a mobile app that collects and aggregates month-over-month sales data from Merchants. 
SEVENtail then pre-qualifies Merchants to drive microlending offers from financial institutions and services from Banks.

XPay is a platform that empowers communities to swiftly and seamlessly make the transition to cashless, providing real-time management, interaction, and collection for community activities.


YOUSPITAL provides access to massively discounted healthcare services. The target customers do not need to be members in an exclusive community to access these services.

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